Saturday, July 21, 2012

They Walk On Hot Coals - - And Burn Their Feet!

You've heard of Tony Robbins.

He's the motivational speaker and relentless super-huckster who specializes in getting people to think they can do anything, including the impossible.

Well, on Thursday night in San Jose, he may have gone too far.
Robbins suggested they participants at one of his events “unleash the power within.”

But somehow it didn't work for 21 people who burned their feet walking over hot coals.

Some of them tried to t was cool their heels in a fountain but that proved to be no remedy for the severity of their injuries.

Police were called in and treated them for burns to their feet.

Three of the people had serious injuries, and most suffered second-or third-degree burns.

What possesses people to get involved in "motivational" nonsense such as this?

Imagine -- some 6,000 people are registered for Robbins' multi-day session.

There were wails of pain as some of them tried to walk over the hot coals -- screaming and crying out for help.

BTW: The walk that Robbins calls "the firewall experience" is only step one in his "Four Steps of Transformation."

This sounds like a transformation into imbecility. Count me out.

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