Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cream Donuts: Are These The Very Best Ever?

Do you like cream donuts?
I'm talking fresh, authentic donuts covered with powdered sugar and loaded with rich white sugar cream. These donuts are full and plump. The sweet cream bursts out when you cut them in half or tear them apart or simply (and more likely) bite into them. There's so much cream you'll smear your mouth and lick your fingers. The dough is light and airy and cradles the cream with loving kindness.
These donuts are so damned good you won't want to share them.
No way.
But if you try to eat them secretly or privately, you'll probably get caught. To begin with, their sugary scent is intoxicating -- like a sweet blossom calling you in the morning. Others will surely know what you're up to. And then, once you even touch one of these chubby babies you're talkin damaging evidence: the telltale signs of powdered sugar everywhere. And we haven't even gotten to the icy cream left behind on your pesky, sticky fingers.
Whoffing down one of these is a major commitment.
Now, I've tried donuts just about everywhere I've been -- all over the USA.
And I'm telling you these are the best I've ever found.
You can get them for a buck each in South Jersey at Randolph's Bakery, two locations:

101 East Main Street          300 East Greentree Rd.
Maple Shade                       Marlton
(856) 667-3777                   (856) 983-0550
Don't delay. Hurry on over!
Photo copyright 2012 by Dan Cirucci.

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