Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Must See Video: The Real Obama Record Revealed!

In 2008 , facing historic economic problems the country turned to a man who few people knew and who's resume would shed little light on his capabilities. Barack Obama was in his first term as a US Senator, he had no private sector experience, no executive experience, he had never created a job or run a business, never been put in a position where he had to make difficult decisions on behalf of others.

Instead of basing their decision on Barack Obama's record America was instead taken in by his ability to deliver grand speeches in which he made even grander promises. When President Obama took office in January 2009 America was in recession but despite his promises his policies have made the situation worse and have delayed the recovery that so many Americans are desperately waiting for. Three and half years later we find nearly 24 million Americans either our of work or underemployed. We have seen 42 straight months of unemployment over 8% despite promises that a nearly 800 billion dollar stimulus would prevent us from even reaching that threshold.

We are a nation in crisis manifested by the countless families who are struggling with making ends meet, families who have seen a 40% decrease in their net value over the past 4 years and parents who are worried that the American Dream will not be realized for their children and grandchildren.

America is tired of the empty rhetoric and the broken promises of the last four years and this November they will finally have a record to judge the President on and that record will demand accountability. America needs a leader, someone with the vision and experience to understand what needs to be done, someone who knows how to create jobs and get the economy back on track. Mitt Romney is that person.

Although we are in no way affiliated with the Romney campaign we wholeheartedly believe that he has the experience, knowledge and expertise to restore to America those principles and policies that will rejuvenate our economy, put people back to work and return America to her rightful place as the shining city on a hill and the hope of the earth.

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