Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Christie Issues Thursday Storm Warning

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: 
Tomorrow does not look like a good day in New Jersey. 
It appears at the moment, the best we can tell, to be a storm that will be divided in terms of its impact very differentially between down here in the southern part of the state, and the northern part of the state. The best estimates we have now are in the southern part of the state you'll see perhaps about three to five inches of additional snow starting late tonight, early tomorrow morning, running through most of the day on Thursday. 
In the northern part of the state, the estimates are much more significant. Perhaps north of about ten inches of snow or more, additional snow, for this part of the state in the north. 
I think what you can anticipate is it might be a day to stay inside. And stay warm. And not worry about traveling around the roads too much. 
I want people to stay safe. And that's the most important thing. 
And then we'll deal with travel, and schools, and businesses, and all the rest of that in descending order from there. But my first and most important responsibility is to try to give you the best advice I can for you to stay safe. Because those are the things that are most important to the citizens of this state.

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