Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lots Of Attractions At Sky City

During the first portion of our visit to New Zealand we're staying right in the center of Sky City at the Sky City Hotel.
They call this part of town Sky City because everything here is built around New Zealand's landmark Sky Tower.
The dramatic Sky Tower promises a "truly captivating" experience for visitors. It is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand The Tower rises 1.076 feet and offers breathtaking views of up to 50 miles. 
Visitors travel to the top of Sky Tower in glass elevators and when they get to the top in addition to the 360-degree views they find a revolving restaurant and lounge, three spectacular viewing platforms (including the Sky Walk around the Tower's pergola) and, for the truly adveturous the Sky Jump. This attraction allows visitors to base jump from the Tower by wire. 
At the base of the Sky Tower vsvitors find restaurants, shops, hotels, a convention center and a casino. 
It's all been part of Aukland's way of putting itself on the map. And it seems to be working as scads of visitors are attracted to Sky City day after day.

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