Saturday, February 22, 2014

The REAL Facts About Republicans And Women

Did you know? 
More potential 2016 presidential candidates by far are in the Republican Party than the Democrat Party. For example: Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley (Indian), Susanna Martinez, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz (Hispanic) and Allen West (African-Ameirican). 
And the history of the GOP speaks for itself: 
  • The first woman ever appointed to the United States Supreme Court was a Republican, appointed by a Republican president. 
  • The first African-American ever elected to the US Senate post-reconstruction was a Republican. The only African-American currently sitting on the US Supreme Court is a Republican. 
  • The first Hispanic American ever to serve in the US Senate was a Republican. The first Woman ever to serve in both Houses of the US Congress was a Republican. 
  • The first US governor of Indian descent is a Republican. The first female US governor of Indian descent is also a Republican.
  • The first woman ever nominated for the presidency by either of the two major political parties was a Republican.
  • Republicans in Congress provided the deciding votes to pass the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act.
  • The first African-American Secretary of State was appointed by a Republican president, as was the first African-American National Security Advisor to the president.
  • President George W. Bush had more African-Americans in top level positions in his administration than President Obama does now.
  • Of the Obama Administration's 20 top earners, only six are women.
So, before you start assuming that the Democrats are head and shoulders above the GOP on diversity, take a look at the facts. Because the facts prove otherwise.

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