Friday, February 28, 2014

Here's The Way It Is Here In New Zealand

We are here in beautiful New Zealand - a land of sea, mountains, lakes, forests. farmlands, fjords and all the wonders of the South Pacific.
There are about four million people in New Zealand and about a third of them live in Aukland, a lovely city of hills, skylines, harbors and water views that reminds one a bit of San Francisco.
The nation's two main islands are simply North Island and South Island, though they have no official names.
Aukland  and Rotorua are in the north. Queensland and Christchurch are in the south.
Queensland and Rotorua are resort towns that cater to vacationers.
Christchurch is a proper British town/city with all the trappings.
And then there's the beautiful cove/harbor of Milford Sound with its spectacular fjords.
Off the top of our heads, we cannot compare Milford Sound and its surrounding areas to anyplace else we've seen anywhere else in the world. The natural beauty is simply awe-inspiring.
Queensland reminds us of Brekinridge or some similar Colorado town in the moutains.
Much of this beatiful contry remains largely untouched with rolling hills, sheep and dairy farms, moutains, lush green areas and spectacular harbors, bays and waterfronts.
If New Zealand isn't on your "bucket list," it oughtta be!

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