Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Christie Video: We WILL Help Those Most In Need

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:

It is a very difficult job, challenging job, to try to figure out when you have thirty-seven billion...(baby sounds)...Don't worry about it, it's actually a good sound. When you have thirty-seven billion dollars in damages and only fifteen to twenty billion dollars to pay for those damages, what's a fair and equitable way to be able to distribute that money so that the most people get help, and, the people who need it the most get that help. That's always been our priority. And I think that's the spirit of the people in this state.

Everybody who's damaged would like to have help, but I think most people would say we need to help those who need the help the most, first. And then continue to work down the line to help as many other people as we can. That's the way we're running these programs, and that's what we hope to accomplish over the course of the next number of months in 2014.

So, we never are going to have enough money to make everybody whole. That's the sad fact of the decisions that Congress made and the President in terms of monies allocated to us to pay for the damages of this storm -- to both us and the state of New York.

But, you have my word that I'm going to work as hard as I can every day to make sure that the people most in need get the help as quickly as they possibly can, if they haven't gotten it already. And that any money that we have after that will be given out equitably to people in the exact same way.

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