Monday, February 17, 2014

Noonan: Hillary Revealed As Aggressive, Combative

Peggy Noonan on revelations from the release of the paper of Diane Blair, a close friend of Hillary Clinton who died in 2000:
What did we learn of Mrs. Clinton from the Blair papers? . . .
From Mrs. Clinton there's an always-startling pugnacity and aggression. Sen. Sam Nunn, she says within Blair's hearing, "should be unmasked as a fraud." "HC urging hard ball." "HC still in despair that nobody in WH tough enough and mean enough." People "trying to destroy them."
The Clintons are always "getting killed." "HC on treadmill, how furious she is." "HC furious at speechwriters." "Is trying to work through her anger."
Mrs. Clinton often boasts about her toughness. After her husband's impeachment, Blair has Hillary observing it "drives their adversaries totally nuts, that [the Clintons] don't bend, do not appear to be suffering." On Beltway pundits: "We've rendered them irrelevant." People often "need to get the message bigtime." "They should have their noses rubbed into it."
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