Thursday, February 13, 2014

Obama's Live High While Bashing 'Rich People'

So, let's get this straight: While the country's at war and our military has seen their pay and benefits cut and while the nation is still in the midst of a sluggish (at best) economy with millions unemployed and millions more who have simply dropped out of the labor force, the President and the First Lady held a formal dinner party for 350 people the other night. 
In attendance were fat-cat donors to Democrat campaigns, Hollywood stars, well-connected zillionaires and powerful Washington insiders along with smug majordomos of the liberal media. 
The crowd was so big they had to hold the event in a specially constructed, heated tent. Since the temperature outside was 17 degrees, they required LOTS of heat. That means lots and lots of $$$$ -- and you and I paid for the dinner and everything else, too. 
And they used heated trams to transport this delicate crowd of well-cushioned big shots to their well-cushioned seats at gloriously decorated tables in the tent which was decorated to evoke Monet's gardens in France. The guests dined on beef, caviar, etc. as part of a 2,500 calorie multi-course meal (with fine wines) and entertainment was provided by Mary J. Blige. 
Oh, and the First Lady wore a $12,000 designer gown. 
And then, when it was all over, the President went out and gave a speech on income inequality.

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