Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Young Mother's Plea To GOP: Revive America Now!

In nearby Burlington County (NJ), Dana Dewedoff Fratantoro has given a beautiful speech at the Cinnaminson GOP's annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner. We were so impressed with Dan's remarks that we thought we'd post the video and the full transcript here. Dana is a proud, principled Republican, a young wife, mother and ardent citizen who is determined to champion the right cause and fight the good fight. Bravo, Dana!
Transcript of Dana's remarks:
If Lincoln were here standing beside me he would most likely begin his speech with one of his most famous quotes, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
Our great nation is falling apart because Republican voices are not being heard. When our voices are being heard, our message is being miscommunicated by the bias in the Liberal media. Our current president has encouraged his entire political party to disregard our constitution and do everything possible to go around it and poke holes in its logic.
This country is dividing. Liberals name call us because they are desperate when proven wrong. They convince our youth that we are the people who want to take away the rights fundamental to those living--They speak of equality.They persuade the vulnerable that color is the reason of our disapproval of the president. Well, let me tell you this; I may see color, but I do not feel color—and neither does our party. We are better than that. We know that humans are all equal---and deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  
I am tired of worrying about exceptions to the rule; those exceptions have twisted our nation out of control. I am sick of being afraid to speak my beliefs in God and defense of life. Most of all, I am sick of working my tail off to see more of my hard earned money dumped into hundreds of government programs that don’t work, create complacency, and only make more people poor.
It’s time for the Republican Party to stand firm and never apologize or compromise our principals by standing up for what is right. We need to take back some power in order to bring this nation back together.
Two weeks ago the CBO wrote that Obamacare would discourage some 2.3 million jobs.  It’s time we get our people back to work. Our college graduates need to have jobs, not broken dreams and empty pockets. If all they have is the same room they grew up in and free health insurance, then they aren’t really living the American dream, are they?
Emotions are running this country, not facts and accountability. Everyone is petrified of offending others based on their own personal beliefs. Catholics are demonized for Obamacare exceptions on contraception; many Catholics have recently become pro-choice. I am shocked with the overall stance of abortion across this country. Even the most liberal of all countries, France, has an abortion restriction of no more than 8 weeks gestation; here we are in America begging to prevent abortions past 24 weeks. It is sick and disgusting; there are no morals, and God is being removed from all elements of America. I find it pretty sad that my gender esteems that fighting for something that violates the dignity of a human person makes them a champion for the empowerment of women.
Ladies--that does not make you a winner; a role model, or anything deserving of esteem. It makes you someone against human rights.  Remember, human rights are moral principles set as a code of standard for all human beings.
Further, no insurance plan should cover or allow any cost sharing for such an act. It’s ridiculous that we have stood back and watched this happen.
We, the Republican Party, are not voiceless. I know you all have that little voice inside your head telling you that this country has gone wrong. So speak up!
The liberal media won’t let us have a say? So we speak low. When we speak low, they overcome us. When we speak up; they name call and say that we are uneducated or close-minded. Well, speak louder. Come together and make them listen.
We need to hold dearly our core beliefs as a political party. Each year that has gone by has brought us closer and closer to a full blown liberal society. Things are not getting better and won’t until we step up and educate the country on the great things Republicans stand for and what we fight to protect. And we must fight.
We have elected officials here tonight running for re-election. Re-elect them. Keep the Republicans upward. We may be a small town in a big country, but we are a big county in a little state.
Speak up. Help us grow again and expand.
We must not be afraid of our voices. Everyone across both parties’ swears to uphold and protect the constitution, what are you doing to protect it? Are you being heard?

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