Friday, February 28, 2014

Serious Health Concerns Swirl Around Hillary

More and more we are reading and hearing information that leads us to believe Hillary Clinton may not run in 2016.
Of course, every politician always wants to keep all his/her options open.
And, if nothing else Hillary is an adept politician. So, don't expect Mrs. Clinton to show her hand anytime soon - not if she doesn't have to.
But rumors persist about her health. These all surround the blood clot that she suffered as well as concerns about a possible brain tumor or minor stroke. On top of all that, everybody agrees that she seems worn out.
Now, let's be clear about this: We don't wish anybody ill  health. Not now. Not ever.
But Mrs. Clinton doesn't look well and many believe we haven't been given the full story about her health. Plus, she's still wearing those thick glasses that she wore after that health scare when she reportedly took a spill and suffered a blood clot.
And, Mrs. Clinton is on the closer side of 70 - one of the older baby boomers in our midst. She's not a young up 'n comer anymore. She more than qualifies for senior citizen status. And political operatives and the public know how to tell time.
Yes, Ronald Reagan was the oldest president to ever take office and he did quite well for himself, thank you. And that was damned good for America.
But Reagan hadn"t lived through the scandals nor carried the baggage that Hillary has lived through and carried. And Ronald Reagn wasn't tethered to a mate like Bill Clinton.
On top of all that, we'll simply add this: If you can find someone as seemingly ageless as Ronald Reagan on the national scene today, let us know.

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