Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cherry Hill Mayor Cahn To Seek Re-Election

Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn announced last night that he will seek a second term, promising to continue his record of efficient and effective governing.  Council members Brian Bauerle, Melinda Kane and Sara Lipsett will join Cahn on the ticket.

There had been some speculation that Cahn would not seek re-election but that all came to an end with this announcement.

"When the voters elected me as Mayor four years ago, I pledged to work full-time to run Cherry Hill like a business, ensure fiscal responsibility, promote economic development and keep our neighborhoods safe and vibrant," Cahn said. "I've kept those promises and look forward to continuing our record of success for another four years."

Cahn, who donates his salary back to taxpayers, has used his business experience to improve government efficiency and pave the way for three consecutive years without a municipal tax increase.  At the same time, the Township has made smart investments in infrastructure and municipal services that have helped attract and retain young families, while making the community an affordable, attractive place for seniors to live.

Other accomplishments during Cahn's term include:
         --Making smart investments in roads, sewers, public safety, and recreation.
         --Leading the fight to preserve open space throughout Cherry Hill, including the historic Woodcrest Country Club property.
         --Continuing the commitment to work hand-in-hand with the Cherry Hill Police Department to keep Cherry Hill residents, businesses, visitors, and roadways safe. 
          --Adopting property maintenance regulations designed to keep our neighborhoods clean and attractive, including a registration requirement for owners of vacant properties to ensure they are properly secured and maintained.
         --Securing nearly $4 million in grant funding, allowing the Township to maintain high-quality services without spending tax dollars.
         --Aggressively managing the Township's debt and working to minimize new debt to save taxpayers millions of dollars.
         --Implementing a ban on smoking in public parks and playgrounds to improve air quality, reduce litter and promote public health and welfare.  
         --Committing to making Cherry Hill one of the most sustainable communities in New Jersey, creating a Township Green Team, adopting a bike and pedestrian master plan to make the Township safer and easier to navigate, and drafting a comprehensive Sustainability Master Plan. These efforts earned Cherry Hill a "Sustainability Champion" award in 2014 and made it the only town in South Jersey to be designated a "Healthy Town" by the NJ Mayor's Wellness Campaign.
         --Making government more accessible to constituents through the launch of a new website and expanded electronic services.
         --Enhancing constituent services and community outreach by expanding the Township's presence on social media, and launching the Cherry Hill Citizens Cabinet and Business Council to more effectively address the needs of residents and businesses.
         --Working closely with Swim Club leaders to help them streamline costs and increase efficiencies, helping these facilities to remain solvent and continue to thrive.
         --Building strong relationships with Cherry Hill Public Schools to improve education.

"Working together with Council, we are well positioned to build on our record of accomplishment," Cahn said. "As Mayor, I will continue to work closely with our residents and other community stakeholders to ensure Cherry Hill remains a strong, vibrant place to live, work and raise a family."

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