Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Macy's Art In Bloom - A Free Spectacle Right Now!

We keep telling people that some of New York City's greatest attractions are free.
Yes, you got that right - absolutely free.
And one of them is underway right now.
It's Macy's annual spring Flower Show at the main store right on Herald Square in Manhattan just a couple of blocks from Penn Station.
This event is always spectacular, featuring thousands of abundant blooms from around the world. This year the theme is Art in Bloom and the show will run through Saturday, April 4.
And, more good news -- Macy's Flower Show is also on in Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco at their main store in each of those cities.
Macy's Flower Show is a wondrous spectacle! Look over the displays (below) and see if you can identify which artist or artistic style/era is being represented. But, better yet -- get out to see the show. Hurry, before it closes!

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