Monday, March 23, 2015

Five Big Reasons To Vote For Lynne Abraham

To be the next great American city Philadelphia needs America's next great mayor.
Only a great leader can halt business as usual and ignite the sort of change that's needed to put Philadelphia in the top tier of American cities.
Here's why Lynne Abraham is that leader:

1) Lynne has more executive experience by far than any other candidate running this year. She's a proven leader with a sterling track record. She won't need on-the-job training. She'll hit the ground running.

2) No one knows Philadelphia better than Lynne Abraham and no one listens to Philadelphians more attentively. A native Philadelphian and graduate of Germantown High School, Temple University and Temple Law School, Lynne has dedicated her life to the city she loves.

3) Lynne's a proven winner. No other candidate has won citywide office more times than Lynne Abraham. People know, like and trust Lynne.

4) No one works harder than Lynne Abraham. Her tireless devotion to every job she's ever tackled has won her national acclaim. She's a true trailblazer.

5) Lynne Abraham will be nobody's mayor but yours. She comes with no strings attached. She's not tied to any special interests, secret donors or scheming political bosses. She won't accept hidden, unidentified contributions to her campaign. Lynne is fearlessly honest and authentic. She is who she says she is and she'll do what she says she'll do.

Click here now to help Lynne Abraham become Mayor of Philadelphia!

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