Friday, March 27, 2015

Dan Cirucci Debuts New BROADWAY Blog!

As many of you know, we report a great deal about Broadway here on the Dan Cirucci Blog.
And our posts from and about Broadway always score high.
Many of you have told us that you wish you could have the very best of our Broadway reviews, tips, observations and suggestions all in one place -- a sort of Dan On Broadway central command.
Well, your wish is granted with the new Dan On Broadway Blog!
Now, the best of Broadway from the Dan Cirucci Blog (and more) is consolidated at Dan On Broadway.
Check it out.
It's a great place to find out where to stay, where to eat, what shows to see and everything else you need to know to be a real Broadway aficionado. It's the one place where we share our entire treasure trove of Broadway info with you.
And it's packed with new information ever single day.
We think you're gonna like it!

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