Friday, March 27, 2015

Lynne Abraham's Added Mayoral Advantage

We've known Lynne Abraham for many, many years and have the highest regard for her.
When it comes to who might be the next Mayor of Philadelphia, Lynne's really the ONLY person for the job.
She's the most experienced, the most dedicated, the most authentic public servant we know.
But here's one of the often overlooked keys to her strength: She's one of the most worldly public figures you will ever meet. She's incredibly aware, always people-oriented and  appealingly three-dimensional.
She’s traveled all over the world and is knowledgeable about so many things — art, music, literature, sports, movies, theater.
Anyone can converse easily with her about any of these topics and more, because Lynne understands that everything is related to everything else. She's also comfortable in every setting and every section of the city -- in every neighborhood -- where she is almostly instantly recognized and welcomed. No one knows the city better and no one loves it more.
Beyond all that, she’s fully engaged all the time. She has an admirable zest for living and remains curious about many things.
Bottom line: She'd make an incredible mayor -- someone who would be simpatico with the city and its citizens.

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