Saturday, March 14, 2015

Keep 'Dark Money' Out Of Philly Mayoral Race!

I have called on every Democratic candidate for Mayor to join me in supporting the Philadelphia People’s Pledge to keep outside dark money out of our Mayor’s election. This campaign must be about creating jobs, reducing crime, and rescuing our schools – not about pandering to the special interests, SuperPACs, or corporations, or fostering a “pay-to-play” culture.

Please sign our petition urging all Democratic candidates to agree to the pledge by visiting:

Philadelphians want and deserve an election clean of dark money, outside spending, or attempts to evade campaign finance laws.  The City of Philadelphia put these campaign finance laws in place specifically to limit the role of special interests in our democracy and end the culture of “pay-to-play.” So please join me in asking all of the candidates to sign on and say that our democracy is not for sale:

This pledge follows the historic lead of Senator Elizabeth Warren who knew how important it was to keep special interests out of our elections.  That’s why she and Scott Brown signed the first People’s Pledge that successfully limited outside groups from influencing their race. This Philadelphia People’s Pledge is based on that historic document and will keep outside dark money out of the Mayor’s race, following the spirit of Philadelphia’s own campaign finance reform laws.

Sign the petition today!

With gratitude,
- Lynne

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