Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pastina, Cheesesteaks, Pizza? THIS Is The Place!

Some people believe you have to go to South Philly (or at least to Center City) to find a great cheesesteak.
Not necessarily so.
Real Philadelphians know that you can find a good cheesesteak in outlying neighborhoods or even in the burbs if you know where to look.
And in South Jersey, Ragazzi is where you should look.
Ragazzi is at 44 Route 70 East in the Marlton Greene Shopping Center not far from where Route 70 and Route 73 intersect.
People have voted Ragazzi's chicken pastina soup the best in South Jersey. The simplicity of the soup is what makes it so appealing. It's fresh, flavorful and nourishing. And Ragazzi sells this soup -- and sells more of it -- every day in response to a huge, continuing demand.
The Ragazzi soup bowl overflows (there's no skimping at this place) and you'll find yourself slurping up every bit of it. We promise! 
And the cheesesteaks (and chicken cheesesteaks) are packed.
Look at the actual photos of the chicken pastina soup and the chicken cheeseteak above. This is the real deal.
Plus, the pizza's great, too -- and cooked to order.
Ragazzi boasts a full Italian menu. Ragazzi Restaurant & Pizza is family owned and operated. The family has been serving the Marlton area for 30 years, the last 14 years at this location.
Ragazzi offers a clean, comfortable and friendly environment and they are open seven days a week offering both dine-in and take-out service. Plus, you'll get great value for your dining dollar.
We only recommend what we've tried and what we honestly love.
Ragazzi's is a winner!
Photos copyright 2012, 2015 by Dan Cirucci.

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