Monday, March 30, 2015

How You Can Help Protect Religious Liberty!

Here is a very special message from

I warned that LGBT activists will not stop at marriage.

The current uproar in Indiana is proof.

Last week Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed their state ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’ into law. The law is nearly identical to the federal law introduced by Senator Charles Schumer, passed 97-3 by the Senate, and signed by President Clinton in 1993.

The law protects the freedom of all people of faith to live, breathe, and practice their faith as they see fit. No person of faith can be discriminated against unless the government can show that it has a compelling reason to do so.

The LGBT backlash is now in full throttle. Corporations like Apple, Yelp, Salesforce, PayPal and others are threatening to stop doing business in the state unless they repeal the law.

Openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook essentially said: unless Indiana law allows discrimination against people of faith, he and his Silicon Valley bullies will destroy them.
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Some facts you need to know about the fight in Indiana:
  • Indiana’s new law is nothing new. The federal government and 19 other states have similar laws.
  • The law does not allow anyone to discriminate against gay people for any reason. If a gay person were to order a pastrami sandwich, a deli owner could NOT deny him service under this law.
  • People of faith that wish to abstain from morally cooperating in gay weddings can do so, and gay people are free to take their business to the thousands of other photographers, florists and banquet halls. It’s called freedom. It’s what we do in America.

Can you connect the dots? Gay marriage is just the start. What irks LGBT activists so much about this new Indiana law is that it strips them of the right to IMPOSE their agenda on you!

Next month the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the question of whether to legalize gay marriage across all 50 states. This week the Justices will receive our amicus brief.

And you can still get a commemorative copy of CV’s amicus brief with your donation by midnight tonight (Pacific Time).

Marriage is not the end game for the sexual liberation left. Their radical goal involves dismantling the nuclear family and annihilating the Judeo-Christian understanding of human sexuality, and even religious freedom itself.

I never thought I would say this, but Bill Clinton was right.

Religious freedom for all.

Help us fight back now.


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