Monday, October 31, 2016

Yes, A Staggeringly Shameful, Disgraceful Record!

Can you imagine this?
Can you?
Somebody's been posting a rant on Facebook that maintains that the ONLY thing anyone could possible hold against Hillary is the email scandal, and even that isn't damaging enough to harm her sterling reputation and candidacy.
Well, here's our answer:
It's NOT just the Clinton emails, as much as some might like to think it is.
Though, to be sure, Hillary Clinton IS under federal criminal investigation while Trump is not and never has been. And the tentacles of the emails themselves comprise a veritable house of cards -- an intricate web of mendacity. 
But we're talking about decades of Clinton scandals and deception plus all the new revelations from scores of leaks -- none of them very good or very encouraging. It's a long, shameful road: the White House travel office scandal: Hillary's health care fiasco; Hillary's covering Bill's dirty deeds and defaming the women he was involved with; the missing Rose Law firm files; the cattle futures windfall scandal; selling the Lincoln bedroom to the highest bidder; looting the White House and attempting to steal $190,000 in gifts and furnishings; the fabrication of "a vast right-wing conspiracy;" the enemies list, complete with secret "gotcha" files; the alleged affair with Vince Foster and his subsequent [presumed] suicide; the sale of high-tech secrets to China; the bloody, murderous, humiliating Benghazi debacle and the concocted video coverup story; the lies to the Benghazi victims' parents; the lies about "landing under snipe fire in Bosnia:" and always wanting to be an astronaut and being named after Sir Edmund Hillary; the documented lies about the emails; the Clinton Foundation scandal (now the subject of ANOTHER FBI probe); the presidential pardon payoffs to Hillary's brothers; Hillary's radical pal Saul Alinsky (to whom she wrote a veritable love letter); Hillary's laughing and boasting about defending a vicious child rapist and getting him off; the misplacement of six BILLION dollars in State Department money under Hillary; Hillary receiving funds from an arm of the Iranian government and hiring a convicted Iranian-American multimillionaire with ties to Tehran as her national campaign finance director in 2008; calling her opponent's supporters "deplorable" and "irredeemable"; dismissing millennials as "basement dwellers" and defaming observant Catholics as backward; cheating on the primary debates with questions fed to her in advance by Donna Brazille and rigging the primaries through the DNC to insure Bernie's defeat. Whew!
And we've just scratched the surface. 
THIRTY+ years of lies, deception, evasion and scandal. 
Shame on her!

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