Saturday, October 29, 2016

What We Need To Ask Ourselves NOW

Do we really want to consciously elect a president who's under federal criminal investigation; whose whole first year or two or maybe more will be taken up by this; who may very well face impeachment proceedings; who may even have to be removed from office? 
Because these are VERY serious matters that are in question here. 
I lived through Watergate and I remember the anguish that it involved for our nation. 
It was wrenching -- so much so that when it ended with Nixon's resignation, President Ford said "Our long national nightmare is over." 
And I lived through another president who committed perjury and also faced impeachment and who once again also faced obstruction of justice charges and who came thisclose to removal from office on a 50-50 Senate vote. Again, it was wrenching. 
I didn't vote for either one of those disgraced presidents. 
But it was nonetheless disheartening for me and for all Americans as we had to slog through constitutional crises. 
Do we REALLY want to go through something like this again? 
Better question: Why would we EVER want to go down this road again? 
Which simply means that Hillary must either step down as a candidate or be soundly rejected on election day.
Since the former is not likely to happen we must turn to the later option.

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