Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Live Blogging The Final Debate - Part Two

Someone from Facebook writes;

"Trump can at least say that it's a baby. Hillary calls them "decisions women make." Right now, I'm knitting booties for a decision."

Hillary again being snarky. After Trump makes a statement, she jumps in: "Let me translate, that if I can."

Hillary gets hit now on Obama's slow GDP growth. Is her economic plan really more of Obama's failed economic policy? She either can't or she doesn't want to answer the question so, she goes back to 2007 and blames . . . BUSH!

She struggles with the slow growth and stagnant family income: "We're beginning to see some income growth."

More from Twitter:

"Clinton will regret saying she won't increase the debt."

"Hillary 'doesn't want to rip families apart', but she's okay with ripping a baby out of a mothers womb at 9 months. Disgusting.

"If the economic situation was so bad, why hasnt Hillary fixed it in the past 30 YEARS!! She has FUNDED its demise!"

Now Hillary's hitting Donald on his businesses and how they used non-American products. Trump: "The problem is, you talk but you don't do anything" and he hits her for SIX BILLION DOLLARS that the State department LOST while she was Secretary of State.

More from Twitter again:


"Hillary is like the gossipy neighbor who always keeps changing facts to serve her false agenda."

"Wallace is as bad as the others. This is not a debate - it's a one woman show!! She talks,..... DONALD TRUMP WILL ACT!!"

"Hillary runs her mouth at will. Every time Trump gets head of steam, Wallace cuts him off. H is scripted."

"Obama didn't save our economy, he pushed it to the edge of a complete collapse!"

Trump hits very hard on Hillary's lies and deleted emails. But Hillary is being allowed to take up large parts of the debate and repeatedly malign Trump on personality and personal issues.

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