Saturday, October 29, 2016

What You Need To Know Right Now!

Some important things you need to know right now:
1) The renewed FBI investigation reportedly involves THOUSANDS of e-mails, maybe even tens of thousands.
2) These e-mails were apparently between Huma and Hillary.
3) It's been reported that they were found on a computer shared by Huma and Anthony Weiner. Some speculate that Huma stored or backed up her Hillary e-mails on a computer also used by Weiner.
4) The FBI had access to both Weiner's and Abiden's devices. There were at least several devices involved.
5) You can't get much closer to Hillary Clinton than Huma Abiden.
6) In making his announcement today, FBI Director Comey also informed the chairs of congressional intelligence committees, indicating that these e-mails likely involve national security matters. And, he fully informed both Democrat and Republican congressional leaders.
This is VERY serious stuff. VERY serious!

PLUS, a Facebook friend has offered this "crazy" theory: "The FBI found an email giving the order to delete the emails. From Huma...but directed by HRC." Is it really so crazy? Could this be it?

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