Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Live Blogging The Final Debate - Part One

Hillary is coming off tonight as aloof and condescending -- but we're wondering if people are actually noticing this.

She managing to give a sort of "soft-touch" to her views. She's obviously been very well rehearsed and is trying to give off a gentle persona in her white pants suit. But she all but smirks at Trump. She has a superior attitude. Now, she says that Trump "choked" when he met with the Mexican president and he hits back and basically says she's a phony and she can't get things done.

Let's see what some people are saying on Twitter:

"And the first segment runs overtime...and are we really talking about abortion?? How about current issues? Anyone? Bueller?"

"Surely we agree that, barring medical issues, if a woman is 9 mo pregnant, she’s had plenty of time to decide whether to give birth."

WAIT! Now Hillary is being allowed to monopolize the debate. She won't stop fillibustering and Chris Wallace can't seem to stop her. 

More comments from Twitter:

"We either have a country or we don't. We either have a border or we don't."

Somebody has told Hillary to smile a lot. It's a psychological thing. But we're really not sure it's working.

"Hillary does not want to rip families apart.......what about Chris Stevens family??"

"This election, at its heart, is whether we have a secured border & sovereign nation or Hillary's "dream" of an open, unrestricted border."

"Hillary lies re Trump calling for women to be punished for abortions. But only because she's a liar."

"Chris Wallace shut Trump up and let Hillary talk and say what she wanted and never interrupted her!"

Trump is holding his own. But we're already one-half hour into this and we're not sure we can say he's actually winning.

More from Twitter:

"This idea that illegal immigrants are "living in the shadows" is bogus. They spoke at the DNC convention for crying out loud."

"College debt free? Who exactly is gonna pay for that??"

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