Friday, October 28, 2016

Oh, So They Want You 'Livin On A Prayer?'

"'Livin' On A Prayer' sums up the Clinton campaign's status with Keystone State voters with less than than two weeks until Election Day. Hillary Clinton has simply failed to connect with Pennsylvanians, and as a result she's parachuting yet another celebrity surrogate into Pennsylvania to try to save her campaign here.
"Unfortunately for Jon Bon Jovi, his tune is off-key, as Pennsylvania voters just learned they face healthcare increases greater than thirty percent under Obamacare that Hillary has pushed for three decades now. Pennsylvanians have had enough of this disastrous healthcare law, and they know that Donald Trump will repeal Obamacare as one of his first priorities, and will return lower costs and physician choice to all Americans."
 -- Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa.

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