Thursday, October 27, 2016

Look Closely, There's A Silver Lining Inside!

RASMUSSEN POLL: Eighty-seven percent (87%) say they are certain already of how they will vote. Among these voters, it’s tied – Clinton 48%, Trump 48%. 
But there's more when you look at the internals of this poll. Among those who still could change their minds between now and Election Day, it’s Clinton 43%, Trump 34%, Johnson 14% and Stein 10%. Many more of the voters (10%) more of the voters who could still change they minds are Clinton voters rather than Trump voters. Even a small switch from Clinton to Trump in that category could make a big difference.
BOTTOM LINE: Don't believe the propaganda you're hearing from the mainstream media, folks. This race is effectively a tossup and many respected national polls (IBD/TIPP, Rasmussen, LA Times, Fox News) show it that way. Even the CNN poll has tightened dramatically in recent days. According to the Big Media game plan, Trump was supposed to be ravaged by now. Sorry. No dice. Not only is Trump still standing but he's coming on strong. VERY strong! Avanti!
Oh, and, one more thing, sent along to us from aFacebook friend: "Also, this morning's Drudge headline about the IBD/TIPP poll is misleading. Hillary has about a 1 % lead there, not 2 %, and the LATIMES poll has Trump going back into the lead after Hillary having it for the past 2 days. Both LATIMES and IBD/TIPP have a +7% Democrat bias in their polls, which is assuming a Dem turnout matching 2012, and that isn't happening."

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