Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Live Blogging The Final Debate - Part Three

This is amazing: As Trump talks about the Clinton Foundation accepting money from nations that throw gays off the tops of buildings and oppress women, Hillary simply smiles!

Once again, Hillary is being allowed to monopolize the debate.

Trump: "The media is so dishonest and so corrupt and the pile on is amazing." And he adds this as well: "If you look at the voter registration rolls, you'll see millions of people who should not be on the rolls."

More comments from Twitter:

Trump: "So sad when she talks about violence at my rallies, and she caused the violence."

"Trump will release his tax returns as soon as Hillary releases her destroyed emails."

And now Trump does what perhaps no one else would dare to do -- to her face: The secret meeting on the plane between Bill Clinton and the Attorney General just before Hillary was exonerated by the FBI. And the audience rousingly applauds this as he calls that meeting "a disgrace."

More from Twitter:

"It is insane how many times Chris Wallace interrupts Trump."

"Bernie Sanders said everything was rigged too."

"Trump: 'So sad when she talks about violence at my rallies, and she caused the violence.'"

"It doesn't do any good, Chris? You brought it up and you won't even let him defend himself? Shameful."

"Trump: You know it just came out in Wikileaks that John Podesta said you 'have bad instincts' and Bernie Sanders said you have 'bad judgement.' I agree with both of them."

Trump: "Have you seen Aleppo... they are being slaughtered because of bad decisions"

"Trump doesn't play well by rules, he shouts out in class..." That's what someone has commented. But, actually, I knew some kids like that back in school who were actually very, very bright.

Bottom line: It's a VERY messy debate. 

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