Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Do You Accept The Results? Do You? DO You? Huh?

We know that the big, big story on Wednesday is going to be Donald Trump's statement about what his reaction will be to the results of an election that is still two-and-a-half weeks away.
So, let's address it right now. OK?
Let's go back to 2000 for a moment.
Did Gore accept the election results then?
Did he? 
Did he concede? 
Well he did -- but then he said "never mind!" So he conceded and then didn't concede. And then we were totally thrown into limbo with all kinds of charges and counter-charges. 
And that was just "fine" with everybody, theoretically. And that went on and on and on, till when? Well, until December 12 when Gore was compelled to accept the decision of the US Supreme Court certifying the actual election results. 
And THEN Gore finally re-conceded, or actually conceded, or finally conceded or whatever it was. But, guess what? Many, many, many people in this country NEVER accepted the results -- and many of these were in the liberal media. Many NEVER accepted George W. Bush as their president. 
Free country. You can think what you wish. Accept what you wish. 
OK, so now it's 2016 and you want Trump to effectively concede three weeks BEFORE the election ("Tell us Mr. Trump, do you accept your loss?") and you're upset because he won't? That's nonsense! Mr. Trump doesn't say he WON'T accept the results. 
He never said that. 
He said he'll let you know when we get there. He said wait till the election. 
You waited for Gore AFTER the election. Now, you can wait for Trump (which is the only reasonable thing to do) BEFORE the election.
End of story!

Oh, and BTW: Trump won the debate tonight, fair and square on the issues. Maybe (just maybe) that's why they're all trying to make such a Big Issue over this one, perfectly reasonable answer.

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