Friday, October 12, 2018

A Movie That Demands To Be Seen - RIGHT NOW!

This is the movie they don't want you to see.
Yes, Big Liberal Media are doing all they can to prevent you from even learning about this movie that's in theaters now.
It's Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. But it's not being reviewed by major critics or covered in any way by Big Media.
In fact, our friend Victor Fiorillo at Philadelphia Magazine went looking for information about Gosnell and found virally nothing in the media. Here's what he said:
It’s been more than four years since over $2 million was raised through crowdfunding to make a Kermit Gosnell movie, and today, that film finally hits theaters. But you might not know that.
We searched high and low for reviews of Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer among the usual suspects, but reviews by mainstream critics for the Gosnell movie are scarce. Nearly non-existent, actually.
As of Friday morning, the only Gosnell movie review that we turned up using Google and the newspaper database Nexis is this one in the Los Angeles Times.
Film critic Michael Rechtshaffen remarks that the Gosnell movie could “never be mistaken for having a liberal bias,” later using terms like “sanctimonious” and “sensationalistic” to describe it.
Well, at least give Victor credit for bringing the movie to the public's attention.
This is really a movie that demands to be seen.
It's a courageous, honest, audacious movie -- a movie that defies a vast leftist propaganda machine.
So, where is Gosnell playing in the metro Philadelphia area?
Actually, it's quite easy to find.
As Victor notes, it's in Franklin Mills, Media, Bensalem, Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Plymouth Meeting and Oaks.

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