Friday, October 26, 2018

What We Know About The Suspect AND The Irony

The suspect just arrested in the threat incidents is reportedly a white male, in his 50s, a resident of Florida and former resident of NY who was known to las enforcement and had PRIOR arrests for terroristic threats. 
He was arrested in Aventura, Florida near Miami.
The suspect is apparently a wacko who's been off the rails for quite some time, who's been known to law enforcement and who apparently has quite a long-standing record of this type of activity. As we've said -- crazy knows no party or exclusive political philosophy. Crazy is -- well, just plain crazy, period.
President Trump promised he would bring the full force of the federal government and law-enforcement to the task of finding this person and arresting him. It appears as if the president has delivered -- and in record time. 
It's clear that this was an amateurish job from the outset -- probably carried out by a single wacko. Thank you, Mr. President for acting promptly and thanks to all law-enforcement for this outstanding effort. 
This person was/is most likely deranged.
Now, here's the real irony in all this -- liberal Democrats have, over the decades, been the chief defenders of the rights of the mentally ill, but not always in the best way. Working through the courts, liberals have ensured that many, many of these individuals (who may be a threat to themselves and/or others) have remained at large. Because of the "advocacy" of liberals, it has become harder and harder to detain these persons or to institutionalize them and get them the help they need.
Indeed, liberals have helped guarantee that deranged people (many among the homeless) have remained on the streets and at large, creating, in many cases, a danger to others. 
So, the very liberals who will so loudly decry this suspect and his actions are the same people who have allowed him to remain at large and carry out his current alleged crimes -- even after his prior record. Think about it!

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