Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Vast Effort To Rob Us Of Democracy!

I'm not only a student of history but I've lived quite a chunk of it and have done it actively as a fully engaged citizen, thank God. 
What I see more and more now are entrenched lifelong politicos connected to a vast, unaccountable bureaucracy that THEY have created -- huge unelected fiefdoms disconnected from the citizens and their everyday concerns.
These are vast agencies that exist to perpetuate the status quo and expand their own size and power. There are no checks and balances on them. They are infinitely unchecked.
Day after day they make rules and regulations that rob us of our liberties and further determine every aspect of our lives. Their power is unending. They can ruin your reputation and your life -- even through you in jail.
While all this is going on, our entrenched elected politicos serve up platitudes, promise us more goodies and escape responsibility. They distract us with a raucous circus of accusations, excuses and empty promises.
Huge global conglomerates, the popular culture and now even the masters of social media play into all of this and basically contribute to locking out the masses -- the ordinary, hard-working people who pay the bills.
THIS is what the Trump revolution was/is all about and THIS is what the upheaval in France and Britain is all about. The is what is fueling a worldwide populist movement in developed nations.
Wake up! It's happening and it's real
And this will not go away anytime soon.

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