Saturday, December 22, 2018

World's Cutest Dog Sends Cuddly Christmas Wishes!

If this doesn't warm your heart this Christmas, we don't know what will.
We have long identified Moose of nearby Chester County (PA) as the world's cutest dog. Moose got his name not because he's as big as a moose (he's actually diminutive) but because he was the largest and healthiest dog of the litter.
Moose is friendly, frisky  and very inquisitive. He's a Lancashire Heeler -- a herder dog.
A sturdy little dog with a short, weather-resistant coat of black and tan or liver and tan, Lancashire Heelers are affectionate with their owners, always happy, talkative and always ready for a walk. Their small size is what gives them their charm.
Moose has all the wonderful qualities of his breed but also remains unique -- a one-of-a-kind among equals. 
He's a real Christmas treat all through the year!

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