Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How Dems Job-Crushing Legislation Empowers Bots

So, I'm sitting here in the grand promenade of one of Royal Caribbean"s newest ships, The Anthem of The Seas, and I'm watching robots mix and serve up drinks to people at a hi-tech bar that is untouched by human hands.
And I'm thinking about how this may very well become the norm even faster than people can imagine.
The robot mixed drinks are precisely measured and perfectly prepared.And if robots can do all this, don't you know they will soon be turning up at fast food outlets, chain restaurants, pizza joints and many other places? They're already reportedly doing a bang up job in warehouses just about everywhere.
Last night we even saw a cabaret show on board ship that included robots.
You'd think that NJ Governor Phil Murphy and the Democrats would be thinking of all this but they're too busy patting themselves on the back for raising the minimum wage and effectively putting more people out of work and further hastening the robotic era.
Be sure of it: businesses of all kinds will find ways around stupid laws and self-defeating regulations. And those ways will save time, labor and money.

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