Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Yes, They Have Championed INFANTICIDE!

Following s a very special message from www.catholicvote.org:

Let this sink in... 

Last night, Democrats filibustered a bill to stop infanticide. 


44 Democrats voted to filibuster a bill that would have protected a living, breathing child, outside of its mother’s womb -- innocent, defenseless children that survive the grisly tools of an abortionist. 

REMEMBER: It takes a supermajority (60 of 100 senators) to advance regular order legislation. That’s why even with a slim pro-life majority in the Senate, it remains difficult to pass these types of bills. The final vote tally last night was 53 votes FOR the bill (against infanticide) and 44 against the bill (for infanticide). 60 votes were needed. And so it failed (plane delays kept three Senate Republicans from voting). 

Not a single Republican voted NO on this bill. Even pro-abortion Republican Susan Collins voted Yes. Democrats Bob Casey (PA), Joe Manchin (WV), and Doug Jones (AL) all voted to protect these children. Click here to see how every Senator voted. 

KEY: Every Senate Democrat running for president voted against protecting fully born babies: Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Bernie Sanders, and Amy Klobuchar. 

How far outside the mainstream are these presidential candidates? 

Consider again that this legislation would not change a single thing about current abortion law. You could fully support abortion and still vote for this legislation. 

For decades, Democrats have hidden behind euphemisms to mask their strident support of abortion. First they were merely “personally opposed” and “didn’t want to impose their views” on the rest of America. Then they championed the idea of abortion being “safe, legal, and rare.” 

But they aren’t hiding anymore. 

The Democratic Party is now firmly in the grasp of the hard left-- the same people who promote “Shout my abortion!” all over social media. 

Which is why they support abortion in all 9 months, without hesitation. 

And now they won’t even offer medical care to newborn babies born alive. 

recent poll from the SBA List found that 77% of Americans support protecting babies who survive abortion. And yet, only 3 of the 47 Democrats in the Senate stood up to protect these babies. In fact, a recent Marist poll showed that the wave of abortion extremism is now turning off even Democrats! 

These politicians cannot hide! 

OUR JOB: Catholics must lead the charge to hold politicians that support infanticide accountable. No doubt they are hoping this issue will disappear. But we will not let them -- or the voters -- forget. 

Thanks to your continued support of CV, we have a wave of new ads that will begin running regularly in key states from now into next year -- and through November 2020. 

We won't let them forget this. 

Brian Birch, President, catholicvote.org

P.S. Even the rules of war treat prisoners better than innocent vulnerable children in America. For example, Article II, Section 12 of the Geneva Convention requires that: 
“Members of the armed forces and other persons... who are wounded or sick, shall be respected and protected in all circumstances. They shall be treated humanely and cared for by the Party to the conflict in whose power they may be, without any adverse distinction founded on sex, race, nationality, religion, political opinions, or any other similar criteria. 

“Any attempts upon their lives, or violence to their persons, shall be strictly prohibited; in particular, they shall not be murdered or exterminated, subjected to torture or to biological experiments; they shall not willfully be left without medical assistance and care...”

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