Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Yes. We're Members -- You Should Be Too!

AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens - Needs Your Help
AMAC represents the Real America and stands for traditional values, fiscal responsibility, and the liberties guaranteed by our great Constitution.
Together we can make a difference. Tell the AARP,
"No More!"
AMAC fights for the values that Conservative Americans hold dear.
AMAC is the conservative alternative to AARP. We are totally committed to protecting the rights and needs of the 50+ population today and tomorrow - you don't have to be 50 to Join AMAC!
AMAC stands for the values upon which our country is founded.
• Protecting your healthcare from government control and destruction.
• Fighting against reckless, runaway government spending.
• Getting and keeping government out of your personal life.
• Maintaining the integrity of our great Constitution.
AMAC is working to reaffirm America as a country of the People, by the People, and for the People.
JOIN AMAC, the organization praised by conservative thinkers, and gain access to a growing list of exclusive members-only benefits!
Hotel & Car Rental Discounts
Discount Prescription Program
Discount Dental & Vision
Medicare Products
Special Rates on Car Insurance
Life & Health Insurance
Affordable Cell Phone Plans
And so much more!
AMAC Members also receive our bi-monthly magazine!

Become a part of an organization that takes its marching orders from its members. Get all of the benefits of other senior organizations without having your values undermined.
Click Here to JOIN AMAC Today!

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