Sunday, February 14, 2021

COVID Takes More Lives; Biden Plays Video Games


Here's Biden at Camp David happily playing video games while more and more Americans are dying from COVID. In fact, 85,000 Americans hade died from the virus since Biden took office and the US is on track to lose 100,000 to COVID just during Biden's first month in office. 

 The death rate from COVID under Biden has been running at about 3,200 per day. Under President Trump, the rate was about 1,200 per day. Quite a difference! 

And the rollout of the vaccine under Biden (a vaccine we would not have had without President Trump's leadership) has been a disaster -- a logistical nightmare for so many, particularly senior citizens. 

So, why is Biden playing video games? Huh? Maybe he's honing his small motor skills or eye/hand coordination. Who the hell knows!

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