Thursday, February 18, 2021

An EXTREME Choice From A 'Devout' Catholic

Following is a special message from catholic

Does the name Xavier Becerra ring a bell? 

He’s President Biden’s choice to be Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).  

HERE’S THE QUICK SUMMARY: He sued the Little Sisters of the Poor (after they won at the Supreme Court), he’s trying to prosecute David Daleiden, he tried to keep Catholic schools from getting COVID relief funds, he’s in favor of socialized medicine, he tried to keep churches closed, and…

He’s a Catholic.

Ugh. Another shameful scandalous mess for our Church, thanks to President Biden. 

Next week the Senate is expected to vote on whether to confirm Becerra to serve as HHS Secretary, a position where he will oversee all government healthcare and social services policy.

Can you sign our petition telling Senators to vote NO on Becerra?

His record as California Attorney General should give every Catholic chills: 
  • He declared war on the Little Sisters of the Poor to make sure they were forced to pay for abortion drugs and contraception in their healthcare plan. He waged this yearslong effort even after the Little Sisters had won once at the Supreme Court. 

  • Journalist David Daleiden deserved an award for his groundbreaking exposé on the gruesome underground trafficking of unborn baby body parts. But Xavier Becerra brought 15 felony charges against Daleiden for his reporting on Planned Parenthood. Even the L.A. Times called this prosecution a “disturbing overreach.”

  • Becerra defended a California law which required pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for state-funded abortion clinics and contraception services. The law was so egregious that the Supreme Court eventually ruled it unconstitutional. 

  • During this pandemic, Becerra was the legal architect behind some of the country’s most strident restrictions on church and worship services. The Supreme Court overturned many of the restrictions in early February.

Enough is enough! 

Sign our petition. Tell the Senate to Reject Becerra Now! 

Xavier Becerra has a long record of open hostility to people of faith, and if confirmed, will serve as the abortion industry’s puppet. 

In fact, Becerra has no formal education, training, or background in medicine or health care. Even liberal groups advising President Biden expressed shock at his nomination. His “health care” experience mainly involves defending Obamacare and suing to protect abortion while trying to punish pro-life advocates.

Let’s face it, President Biden nominated a deeply unqualified man who has consistently used his office to pursue an extreme ideological agenda. 

The Department of Health and Human Services is a crucial agency of the federal government. It deserves a well-qualified leader who will protect the rights and health of all Americans, not an abortion zealot who harasses Catholic nuns while trying to keep our churches closed. 

Sign our petition. Tell the Senate to Reject Becerra Now! 

Brian Birch, President,

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