Saturday, February 13, 2021

OMG! What HAVE They Done To OUR White House?


No sooner did we opine on the folly of Valentine's Day did this picture come to our attention. At first we thought it was some kind of joke. Surely, it couldn't be. It must be an altered photo, we thought. 
But, no. It's real. It's what Jill Biden did to the White House lawn. 
Yeah, this actually happened -- cheap junk on the front lawn of the WHITE HOUSE, of all places! 
It's tacky. It's tawdry. And it's downright embarrassing! 
We're still gazing upon it in amazement. 
But Joe Biden's apparently delighted with it. And just to prove this all actually happened, below find his message about it, shown as he strolled the grounds in dungarees with his honey. God help us!

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