Friday, March 7, 2008

Great Resource

Our friend Gina Furia Rubel has written a new book called Everyday Public Relations For Lawyers and it's chock full great PR tips - and not just for lawyers.
Let's face it: Lawyers (and many of the rest of us) need PR help. As incredible as this may seem, many good lawyers aren't very good communicators. And many aren't very good writers. When Gina moved from lawyering to PR I honestly wondered if any lawyer could pull this off. I was skeptical because I know how difficult (and specialized) PR can be. But in addition to her legal training Gina did have PR experience. And when she went into the PR business for herself she started with a real passion for the profession. Now, she's a savvy businesswoman, author, lecturer and a consummate pro. She's a high energy person who delivers for her clients.
So Gina has combined the training and good judgment of an attorney with the experience and creativity of a seasoned public relations professional. And she's produced a valuable guide loaded with practical and insightful tips for every lawyer. She's a treasured colleague.
And Everyday Public Relations For Lawyers is a wonderful guide to the nuts and bolts of PR.

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the pr lawyer said...

Wow, Dan. I'm honored by your words. I must say, I have been mentored by the best! Your 28-plus years with the Philadelphia Bar Association put you at the top of the list when it comes to Legal Communicators.

With great fondness,

Gina Furia Rubel