Friday, March 28, 2008

Casey To The Left

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey's endorsement today of Obama represents Casey's swing to the extreme left as he embraces the nation's most liberal senator.
One can't help but wonder if Casey's late father, Governor Bob Casey, would have followed this course. Governor Casey was, after all, the man who attempted to challenge the Democrat party from the right and nudge the party toward more reasonable positions on a whole range of issues. Casey The Elder was an old-line labor Democrat who seemed more attuned to the more centrist views of the Clintons.
The son's movement away from the more centrist views of his father also represents a movement away from those all-important "Casey Democrats" who one would figure would be more kindly disposed toward Hillary Clinton. These old-line, labor-oriented working class Dems are not always quick to endorse the social reconstructionist view of Obamaniacs.
But Casey The Younger has cast his lot. He's placed his bet.
Now, let the chips fall where they may.

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