Thursday, March 13, 2008

Passive Aggressive

Does Barack Obama believe that Geraldine Ferraro should have been fired (or forced to step down) as Hillary's "Honorary New York Leadership Council Chair" because she said "if Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position"?
Obama won't say. He will imply, of course. But he won't say.
"I'll leave that to the Clinton campaign," Obama says. But then he adds that when people associated with his campaign have made objectionable comments, they were fired.
Ferraro says the whole thing was cooked up by Obama's guru David Axelrod and she's probably right. She notes that hers was an offhand comment first offered in an interview with an obscure publication. "They have people who troll the internet overnight for stuff like this and then they feed what they found to the broader media if they thing it will advance their cause," Ferraro says.
But surely Obama wouldn't know about any of that.
He's far too busy trying to Bring Us Together. And when stuff like this happens it's totally on the perpetrators. Get it?
There seems to be something disturbingly passive-aggressive about Barack Obama. I suspect it's a learned behavior; something that goes back a long way. And it's tiresome, and ultimately cowardly. There, I've said it.
As for Ferraro, she refuses to apologize because she feels she has nothing to apologize for. She compares Obama to herself in 1984 and freely acknowledges she would never have been nominated to run for the Vice Presidency had she been a man.
In fact, Ferraro likes Obama and suggested she was trying to pay him a compliment. But, as things turn out, that may be a very risky business these days.
Read ferraro's complete letter of resignation here.

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