Friday, March 21, 2008

Forget Lincoln, King

Aunt Blabby (aka Chris Matthews) has been at it again.
News Busters reports that after Obama's laborious 45-minute oration last week Matthews couldn't wait to declare the OH!man's windy lecture "worthy of Abraham Lincoln," and also claimed it bypassed Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" address as the "best speech ever given on race in this country."
And now The Blabberino has opened his mouth again declaring that Obama "gets to me" and adding that he just can't help but get emotional when Obama speaks, like some kind of impressionable Obamaniac.
Not that we should be shocked or surprised about Aunt Blabby's schoolgirl crush. He's already said that that he feels a "thrill up my leg" when Obama goes into one of his stem winders. It's like Matthews is breathless waiting for Obama to slide the glass slipper onto his tootsy.
Even on Good Friday Chris Matthews just can't shut up. He simply can't stop gushing, can't stop preening, can't stop bloviating. Go away, Chris - go far, far away!

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