Saturday, March 22, 2008

Crawford TCM Alert

Tomorrow (Sunday 3/23) beginning at 8 PM Turner Classic Movies TCM) will present a 13-film tribute to Joan Crawford in honor of the 100th anniversary of her birth.
This extraordinary 24-hour movie retrospective will begin with the original TCM documentary, Joan Crawford, the Ultimate Movie Star, narrated by Angelica Huston.
Then the program moves into Crawford's Oscar-winning 1945 performance as Mildred Pierce (9:30 PM). This is followed by Torch Song (1953), a 1962 Crawford biographical short, Spring Fever (a 1927 silent film), Grand Hotel (1932), Wild and Woolly (a 1931 short), Dancing Lady (1933), Dancing On The Ceiling (a 1937 short), Sadie McKee (1934), The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937), A Woman's Face (1941), They All Kissed The Bride (1942), Humoresque (1946), Harriet Craig (1950) and finally at 7:44 PM on Monday, Trader Hound (a 1931 short).
You may want to keep one or more video recorders going to capture this all night/all day Crawford festival. Certainly, Mildred Pierce, Grand Hotel, The Woman, A Woman's Face, Humoresque and Harriet Craig are not-to-be-missed. And certainly Dancing Lady is noteworthy because it is one of those Very Special Films that teams Crawford with one of her favorite costars, Clark Gable.

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