Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Both of the big winners in Tuesday's primary elections spoke with ease and eloquence at their victory celebrations. They spoke with the knowledge and confidence of tested veterans who know what it is to stumble, to fail and then to come back and triumph again. They spoke with the savvy and grit of real, three-dimensional people.
Yes, they represent different parties and are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.
But both are smart. Both have their wits about them. Both know what it is to experience adversity. And both have seen the presidency close up. You get the feeling that they're ready. They know the ways of Washington. They have a sense of what it is - what it takes - to lead.
Now, John McCain has become his party's nominee. And Hillary Clinton has been given another chance (maybe just a wisp of a chance, but a chance nonetheless) to become her party's nominee.
Let the Democrat Party contest continue. Let the voters have their say. Let the issues be debated. Let democracy take its course. And let the chips fall where they may.

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