Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Said It First

Communication consultant and pollster Frank Luntz has been on several TV networks saying that Obama's remarks feel short and noting that Obama never looked directly at the TV audience, spoke too long and, for the first time appeared in front of eight American flags while still refusing to wear the falg on his lapel.
But we already said that here and here - and we said it on this blog before Frank Luntz. In fact, we said much of it moments after the speech ended.
So, maybe Frank's been reading our blog. If so, we don't mind him borrowing from us. Just give us credit, Frank!

1 comment:

ESedler said...

I watched out of interest and I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of it. I really didn't get all the raving about it on the media, it didn't seem all that spectacular.

I know I'm a partisan but for Obama, who can make good speeches, this didn't seem like one of em.