Sunday, March 30, 2008

Altoona Geek Bowl

One of the funniest newsclips of the weekend shows Obama bowling in working-class Altoona, Pennsylvania with his new pal Bob Casey.
Obama's the only guy I know who bowls with a dress shirt and tie (not to mention the perfectly pressed dress pants). And Casey was right alongside him (equally stuff-shirted) cheering him on. They looked like a couple of certified geeks. Yo, O: Loosen your tie. Lighten up a bit.
It's clear that Obama is using Casey. And it's equally clear that Casey is allowing himself to be used.
Figuring out why Casey is such a willing and nerdy looking participant may be as easy as figuring out how long it takes to climb on a bandwagon. Casey wants to ride the wave. Trouble is, nobody's going to mistake him for some kewl surfer anytime soon.

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