Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Check It Out

Ever wonder how much of your tax money is being spent by your U. S. Senator or Congressperson?
What about those trips and junkets that Washington pols enjoy?
Would you like to see your representatives' financial disclosure statements?
You can do it all at LegiStorm, a site is dedicated to providing a variety of important information about the US Congress. While some parts of the site require password access much of it (including salary information) is password-free.
You might be surprised at what you find in LegiStorm. For example, I learned that New Jersey's Senator Frank Lautenberg and his staff cost us more than $1.5 million in salaries alone over the course of just six months. Extend that out over a year and it comes to more than three million dollars!
BTW: Some Senators, Reps and members of their staffs don't really like LegiStorm. But you're really not shocked to learn that, are you?

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