Friday, October 22, 2010

CCGOP Freeholder Hopefuls Take To Airwaves

Camden County Republican Chairman Rick DeMichele announced that Freeholder candidates George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro are launching a cable television campaign that will last through Election Day.“We simply could not let McDonnell and Rodriguez’ claim of being ‘reformers’ go unanswered”, said DeMichele, “because it is so ludicrous. McDonnell, Rodriguez and their cronies have run Camden County without any balance of power from another party for the past twenty years. And the results haven’t been good at all for Camden County taxpayers.”
“Property taxes are skyrocketing, jobs are leaving our county, and millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent without any check and balance,”said Zallie.“Camden County voters deserve so much better.”
“McDonnell and Rodriguez are part of the problem. They both collect two taxpayer-funded salaries and will receive pensions paid for by the taxpayers,”said DeCristofaro.
“George and I will take only $1 as salary if we’re elected, and pledge to not take any other government job, and we will decline taxpayer-funded health benefits. That’s real reform.”

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