Friday, October 22, 2010

Christie To NBC & NYT: 'I Don't Really Care!'

This clip is classic Chris Christie. Classic.
When Brian Williams of  NBC News reads Chris Christie some negative comments from the New York Times regarding a recent Christie decision, Christie answers: "I’ll take a deep bow for that, Brian. I don't really care."
Christie notes that the New York Times is not responsible for the future of a state that is deeply in debt -- a state that simply does not have the money to fund massive new projects. Of the Times, he says: "They don't have the responsibility to balance the [NJ] budget."
When Williams quotes a columnist who infers that Christie may be spending too much time traveling around the country, Christie reminds Williams that they are conducting the interview in Scotch Plains where Christie is participating in a community Town Hall meeting. "I am home," he explains. "And I think in the last two months I’ve spent a total of six days out of New Jersey, out of 60. I don't think the people of New Jersey are all that upset about that. And candidly it gives me an opportunity to go around the country and rebrand New Jersey."
Don't try to snooker this guy. Chris Christie is sharp.
He's not intimidated by the New York Times or the mainstream media.
He doesn't govern according to the Times or NBC.
He governs the way he says he was going to govern -- straightforward, direct, decisive. He remembers who elected him.
Christie Christie says what he's going to do and then sets about doing it. And he makes no apologies for it.
Now, ain't that refreshing!

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